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Atlassian Glossary

Explore the extensive Atlassian Glossary to uncover essential terms and definitions related to collaboration, project management, and software development.

Atlassian Glossary
Atlassian Glossary
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In the realm of collaboration and project management, understanding essential terms is key.

Dive into our Atlassian Glossary to explore essential terminologies relevant to project management, software development, and collaborative tools. Simplify your understanding of collaboration tools and boost your knowledge effortlessly.

Atlassian Terms


Access Token: A developer-utilized token that enables the installation and usage of Jira Cloud or Confluence Cloud apps for no charge. These access tokens also have the capability to mimic license states, making them useful for testing purposes.

App: A tool or software component that enhances an Atlassian product, like a bot or integration. Previously known as an add-on or plugin.

Atlassian Connect: A development structure for creating applications for Atlassian cloud products. Connect apps are managed by developers or third-party hosting providers.

Atlassian Connect Express (ACE): A Node.js framework endorsed by Atlassian that automates the creation of essential components for a Connect app. Also referred to as Atlassian Connect and Atlassian Connect Springboot.

Atlassian Connect Springboot: A Java framework officially supported by Atlassian that automates the generation of necessary components for a Connect app. Also known as Atlassian Connect and Atlassian Connect Express.

Atlassian account ID: An exclusive identifier utilized to distinguish an Atlassian cloud user through the REST APIs. It comprises a case-sensitive string of up to 128 ASCII characters.

Atlassian Marketplace: The digital marketplace for purchasing and selling applications designed for Atlassian products.

Atlassian Plugin SDK: A toolkit for developing, installing, and constructing Plugins2 (P2) applications for Atlassian server products.


Confluence Query Language (CQL): Confluence Query Language enables you to perform structured searches for content within Confluence using the REST API.

Custom UI: Forge offers a choice for defining app interfaces through the use of static resources, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images. The Forge platform hosts these static resources, allowing your app to showcase a custom UI on Atlassian products.


Developer Console: A dashboard utilized for overseeing and deploying your Forge and OAuth 2.0 (3LO) applications.


Forge: The platform for app development employed to tailor, expand, and integrate Atlassian cloud products. Forge apps are hosted by Atlassian.

Forge CLI: A command-line utility utilized for developing and deploying Forge apps.


Jira Cloud platform: A foundational framework that encompasses a collection of shared capabilities for all Jira products, such as issues, workflows, and more. Jira products are constructed on top of the Jira Cloud platform, with Jira Core offering equivalent functionality to the platform. Meanwhile, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk provide additional capabilities.

Jira Query Language (JQL): Jira Query Language is a tool designed for constructing organized queries to locate issues.


Marketplace Partner: A party or entity that trades or disperses apps and integrations in the Atlassian Marketplace. Previously known as a vendor.


Organization: A centralized management console for Atlassian product administration, billing, and user management, which can encompass multiple cloud sites.


Plugins2 (P2): A structure for developing applications for Atlassian server products.

Product: Atlassian's software offerings, including Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence, and Trello.


Site: A collection of Atlassian cloud products, hosted at a distinct domain, usually ending in atlassian.net. A site includes a solitary instance of each product in use, which may comprise Confluence and every Jira product (Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core).


UI kit: A choice for creating dynamic and interactive app interfaces on Forge, utilizing a declarative markup language and pre-built Atlassian components.

Universal Plugin Manager (UPM): A tool for managing applications within Atlassian products. Administrators utilize the UPM to discover, install, oversee, and set up apps.

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