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How to Install Anaconda on Debian 11

Install anaconda on Debian 11 with our step-by-step tutorial. It is a platform for Python and data science, providing libraries, tools etc.

Install Anaconda on Debian 11
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Before we start talking on how to install Anaconda on Debian 11, let's briefly understand - What is Anaconda?

Anaconda is a popular platform for Python and data science, providing a comprehensive collection of libraries, tools, and environments.

Installing Anaconda on Debian 11 allows you to access a wide range of data science packages, manage Python environments, and streamline your development workflow.

In this tutorial, you will install Anaconda on Debian 11. We will also address a few FAQs on how to install Anaconda on Debian 11.

Advantages of Installing Anaconda on Debian 11

  1. Package Management: Anaconda simplifies package management by providing a vast collection of pre-built packages and libraries commonly used in data science. Installing and updating packages is effortless with the conda command.
  2. Environment Management: Anaconda facilitates the creation and management of Python environments. You can easily create isolated environments with specific package versions and configurations, allowing you to work on different projects without conflicts.
  3. Data Science Functionality: With Anaconda, you gain access to numerous data science libraries and tools, including NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, SciPy, and Scikit-learn.
  4. Integrated Development Experience: Anaconda seamlessly integrates with popular development environments like Jupyter Notebook, PyCharm, and VSCode. It provides an efficient workflow for coding, debugging, and visualizing data within a single environment.
  5. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Anaconda supports various platforms, including Linux, Windows, and macOS. This ensures that your data science projects can be easily shared and deployed across different operating systems.

conda on Debian 11

Prior to setting up Anaconda on Debian 11, we'll update all of Debian 11's packages by upgrading its repository using the following command:

sudo apt update

Following the update of all the packages, we can download the installer in one of two ways: using the curl command to do so from the command line, or straight from the Anaconda official website.

Downloading of Anaconda installer from the CLI

Run the following command to download the installer to the Debian 11 "tmp" directory:

Using the command line, we can use the curl command to download the Anaconda installer from its official website as follows:

curl --output anaconda.sh https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/Anaconda3-2021.05-Linux-x86_64.sh

After a few minutes, once it is finished, perform the installation by executing the anaconda command using bash.

bash anaconda.sh

To continue the installation, press the "ENTER" key. A statement asking, "Do you accept the license terms?  [yes | no]" will display after pressing ENTER, and a down arrow will appear at the end of the agreement, enter "yes," and then type "no."

After that, a message confirming your selection of the installation site will appear; hit ENTER to confirm it or type in another location. In this instance, we will use the ENTER key to confirm the same place.

When prompted, type "yes" to start the installation when it asks for your approval.

A thank-you message will show after it is initialized, signifying that the installation is complete.

Run the following command to enter the Anaconda environment:

source ~/.bashrc

We use the command to list the Conda packages to confirm the installation:

conda list

Run the following command to update all of Anaconda's packages:

conda update --all

To start the updating process, type "y".

To use the Anaconda with Graphical User Interface:

Users who feel comfortable using Anaconda using the GUI can run the command below to start Anaconda's navigator as:


The following will be shown as the Anaconda navigator's graphical user interface:

Execute the following command to delete Anaconda with all of its files from Debian 11:

rm -rf ~/anaconda3

Display the list of Conda packages as follows to verify that Anaconda has been uninstalled:

conda list

From Debian 11, the Anaconda has been successfully removed.


FAQs on Installing Anaconda on Debian 11

What are the advantages of using Anaconda? 

Anaconda provides a large collection of pre-built libraries and tools, simplifies package management, facilitates environment creation and management, and offers powerful data science functionality etc.

How can I download Anaconda for Debian 11? 

You can download Anaconda for Debian 11 by visiting the official Anaconda website and selecting the appropriate version for Linux.

Is Anaconda compatible with Debian 11?

Yes, Anaconda is compatible with Debian 11.

Can I install Anaconda alongside other Python installations on my Debian 11 system? 

Yes, Anaconda can be installed alongside other Python installations on Debian 11.

Are there any dependencies I need to install before installing Anaconda on Debian 11? 

No, the Anaconda installer for Debian 11 includes all the necessary dependencies. However, make sure your Debian 11 system is up to date before starting the installation.

Can I install Anaconda in a specific directory of my choice? 

Yes, during the installation process, you can specify the directory where you want Anaconda to be installed. The default location is usually /home/<your-username>/anaconda3/.

Do I need root or administrator privileges to install Anaconda on Debian 11? 

No, root or administrator privileges are not required to install Anaconda on Debian 11. The installation can be done in your user directory.


Installing Anaconda on Debian 11 offers significant advantages for data scientists and Python developers. Its simplified package management, Python environment management, comprehensive data science toolkit, integrated development experience, and cross-platform compatibility make it a powerful tool for data analysis and scientific computing.

By following this tutorial and installing Anaconda on your Debian 11 system, you gain access to a wide range of pre-built packages, efficient Python environment setups, and an ecosystem that streamlines data science workflows.

If you have any queries, please leave a comment below, and we’ll be happy to respond to them.

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