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How to Install Wike on Ubuntu 22.04

Install wike on ubuntu 22.04 with our step-by-step tutorial. It is a open-source wiki application that allows you to create and manage wikis.

Install Wike on Ubuntu 22.04
Install Wike on Ubuntu 22.04
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Before we discuss how to install wike on ubuntu 22.04,let's first understand-What is Wike?

Wike is a lightweight and open-source wiki application that allows you to create and manage wikis for personal or collaborative use. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for editing and organizing content, making it easy to create and maintain knowledge bases, documentation, or personal notes.

This tutorial will explain how to install Wike on Ubuntu 22.04, discuss its advantages, address common FAQs, and provide a conclusion.


  1. Easy Installation and Setup: Installing Wike on Ubuntu 22.04 is straightforward, requiring minimal configuration, making it accessible even for users with limited technical expertise.
  2. Simple and Intuitive Interface: Wike offers an uncomplicated user interface with a familiar wiki-style editing environment, allowing users to quickly create and edit content without a steep learning curve.
  3. Collaborative Editing: Wike supports collaborative editing, enabling multiple users to work on the same wiki simultaneously, making it ideal for team collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  4. Version Control: Wike includes a version control system that tracks revisions and allows you to revert to previous versions if needed, making it easier to manage changes and maintain an accurate history of edits.
  5. Customization and Extension: Wike allows for customization of themes and templates, enabling users to personalize the appearance of their wikis. Additionally, you can extend its functionality through the use of plugins to cater to unique requirements.

Steps to install Wike on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

There are two ways to install Wike on Ubuntu, one is using Flatpak, and the other is with the help of the PPA repository.

Method-1:Using PPA Repository

1. Update Ubuntu 22.04

Run the given command that will install the latest security updates, if available for your system.

sudo apt update

2. Add Wike reader PPA repository

we have to add a PPA repository recommended by the developers of this Wikipedia reader application.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:apandada1/wike

3. Install Wike on Ubuntu 22.04

Now we have the source to get the packages to install Wike directly on our Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04 Linux systems, hence use APT:

sudo apt install wike
command to install Wike Wikipedia reader

Method-2:Using Flatplak:

1.Install Flatpak

It is available to install using the default Ubuntu repo and APT package manager.

sudo apt install flatpakflatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo

Reboot your system to properly integrate the Flatpak:

sudo reboot

Use Flatpak to install Wike on Ubuntu

Here is the command to follow:

flatpak install flathub com.github.hugolabe.Wike

Launch Wikipedia Reader on Linux

Go to Show Applications and search for Wike, as its icon appears, click to run the same.

Install Wike on Ubuntu 22.04
Wikipedia Reader app on Ubuntu 22.04

How to update Wike Wikipedia Reader

Those who have used the PPA method:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

For Flatpak

flatpak update

Uninstall Wike

Open your command terminal and run the given command to completely remove this application from your system.

sudo apt autoremove --purge wike

FAQs to Install Wike on Ubuntu 22.04

Where are the wiki files stored in Wike? 

By default, Wike stores wiki files in the /var/lib/wike directory on Ubuntu 22.04. You can locate and access your wiki files from there.

Does Wike support user authentication and access control? 

No, Wike does not provide built-in user authentication or access control mechanisms. As a lightweight wiki application, it is primarily designed for personal or small-group usage.

Can I customize the appearance of my Wike wiki? 

Yes, Wike allows for theme customization. You can modify the stylesheets or choose from existing themes to customize the appearance of your wiki.

Does Wike support the creation of hierarchical pages or subpages? 

No, Wike does not support the creation of hierarchical pages or subpages. It follows a flat structure where each page is treated as an independent entity.

Can I import content from other wiki platforms into Wike? 

Wike does not provide automatic import functionality for other wiki platforms. However, you can manually copy and paste content from other platforms into your Wike wiki.

Can I embed multimedia files like images or videos in Wike? 

Yes, Wike supports embedding multimedia files like images and videos using markdown syntax or HTML tags within your wiki pages.

Can I export my wiki content from Wike?

Yes, you can export your wiki content from Wike as static HTML files. This allows you to preserve and share your wiki outside of the Wike application.


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If you have any queries, feel free to ask them in the comments section, and we would be happy to respond to them....

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