Jul 4, 2020 2 min read

Reducing the Business Cost by Adopting DevOps

Adopting DevOps reduces business costs by improving efficiency, faster time-to-market, and optimized resource utilization.

Reducing the Business Cost by Adopting DevOps
Reducing the Business Cost by Adopting DevOps
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DevOps is generally introduced into organizations for some well-known, and usually highly justifiable reasons. It expedites the overall process of software development. Release cycle improves the quality of deliverables and helps to resolve problems more quickly. It focuses on cultural shift and drives the development and operations teams to collaborate and achieve shared objectives.

Businesses are finding real value in DevOps adoption

Cultural change along with process automation hasten the development and delivery of high standard software. As a result, many organizations are saving millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of developer hours every year. This saved money and developer hours can now be spent on innovation rather on administration. DevOps is an operational process and is not so much of an investment. The number of variables in an organization is too great to make this calculation possible.

While not all benefits are easily interpreted into financial measures, the following metrics can give a broader idea:

Lower IT costs and improved employee productivity – reduction in unnecessary repetitive tasks involved in app development, testing, deployment, and operations result in a cost savings of 25% per year.

Faster/increased revenue growth – companies expect that speed to market improvements will result in 15-20% faster revenue growth.

DevOps Benefits
DevOps Benefits

The benefits that are most complex to measure are also perhaps the most important.  These include competitive advantage through great customer experience, faster time to market and better product quality, as well as reduced security and compliance risk through better and more comprehensive testing and auditable processes.

Considering the long-term ROI

The ROI of anything requires analysis considering the long run, and it involves looking at more than one factor at a time. This kind of multivariable analysis means analyzing the financial impact of DevOps across the range of accounting. By fully integrating development and ops into the business, DevOps is transforming IT from a cost center to a business enabler. And that’s part of any formula for financial success.

The impact is compelling across different industries, varied company sizes, and geographic regions. The value is not limited to large organizations but also visible for small-to-medium sized organizations as well. Implementing DevOps allow organizations to get big things done noticeably faster. Activities that would take months will take days to weeks to complete after successful implementation.

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